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Welcome to MintbaseDAO, formerly known as Createbase.

About MintbaseDAO

MintbaseDAO is the new Createbase; the official community of Mintbase.io. What is a DAO you may ask? A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a formalized community that self-governs on a blockchain. In our case, that blockchain is NEAR Protocol.

The first transaction on Mintbase happened in 2019 on Ethereum. The first use-case was ticketing for MetaCartel at Berlin Blockchain week. In August 2020 Mintbase was transforming and re-writing the code on NEAR — after it had gone live in April 2020. Aiming to pursue utility NFTs, Mintbase is a clear pioneer in NFT toolkits on NEAR.

NEAR always had the intent to be a collective, a foundation, and a blockchain. It does make sense that NEAR was interested in the creation of a guild associated with Mintbase. That was when Createbase was born, in November 2020, when Mintbase was not even live on mainnet.


Our Open Forum

Community Collaboration

The Mintbase Guild and DAO aim to empower projects to set up their own NFT-marketplaces. On Mintbase, minters create their own smart contract or are added to an existing one. Through the Forum the DAO council will be able to vote on which projects to support.

Our Community Blogs

Recent Posts

The Ease Place Of Mintbase

NFTs have proved not to be a conventional trend that is bound to fizzle out after a while but a hugely promising mainstay of being a flexible and convenient medium for commodity exchange. NFTs can be anything, they can be the digital signature, a ticket, a redeemable...

Meet Our Community Manager


Maria Magdalena is the newest Createbase facilitator. She has a Bachelor in Museum Studies and is doing her master’s in Sociomuseology – researching autonomous museums that share the focus on societal transformation.

Being half Brazilian and half German and having passed half of her life in each country and continent, she has been exposed to not only the cultural differences but the unequal distribution of wealth and power.

Maria immersed herself into Blockchain this year, perceiving its potential and she is eager to support the community growing on decentralized and transformative characteristics.

If you have a project in mind or are part of a community that aims to transform something in your social and environmental circle – there is no social transformation without a healthier planet – do not hesitate and contact her! She will be happy to assist you in finding funds for creating a project on topics that need to be worked on.

Maria Neu

Maria Neu

Community Manager, Mintbase MintbaseDAO Facilitator

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