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Mintbase is soon launching on the NEAR blockchain. NEAR is a separate blockchain than Ethereum, so to use it you will need to create a NEAR wallet. In this article we will guide you through the process step-by-step.

At first Mintbase will be on the testnet, and for this you will need a testnet wallet. Unlike Ethereum, mainnet and testnet are separate wallets with different addresses.

For example: alice.testnet is an address on NEAR testnet, and barbara.near is an address on NEAR mainnet. If you register alice.testnet you don’t automatically get alice.near, you need to register it again on mainnet.

Testnet wallets come pre-loaded with test NEAR tokens, so you can claim a name for your wallet right away, and can start interacting with testnet apps using your test tokens.

NEAR uses a web wallet, so there is no need to download any plug-ins or extra apps. To create a testnet wallet, go to: https://wallet.testnet.near.org/

Click on “Create Account”, then choose the name you want for your wallet. If the name is already taken it will let you know. If the name is available, proceed to register.

For testnet you can choose a less secure way to store you keys. Choose email and you will get a link you can use to access your wallet whenever you need. This email can only be sent once so be sure to keep it. 

Right now testnet wallets come with 200 test NEAR tokens for you to use. This should be enough to mint and buy lots of Mintbase NFTs on testnet!

Mainnet wallets

The wallets on mainnet do not come pre-loaded with tokens (I know, what a pity…). To fund them you will need to buy NEAR tokens or get them from another NEAR user (in the future you will be able to swap ETH or other tokens, but for now it’s not available yet).

To register a NEAR mainnet wallet go to: https://wallet.near.org/

Choose a name for your wallet (this one will end in .near instead of .testnet because it’s a mainnet wallet). You can choose to secure your NEAR wallet using a seed phrase or you can also connect it to your Ledger hardware wallet.

To get a name for your mainnet wallet you need a minimum of 1 NEAR. The wallet interface will provide you with a one-time funding address. Once at least 1 NEAR is sent to this address, you will be able to claim your desired name for this wallet. 

If you want you can buy NEAR tokens directly from the wallet interface using your credit or debit card. Right now the minimum amount you can buy is the equivalent of 20 Euro (at the current exchange rate this could be used to fund almost 10 names 🙂

Let us gift you a name

For a limited time Createbase is sponsoring NEAR wallet names for creators, so get in touch with us and we will help you claim your NEAR name. Just send a DM to Createbase on Twitter, or fill this form and we will get in touch with you!

You can also join the Telegram group to get updated on creative bounties and opportunities from us.

P.S. if you want to know more about why Mintbase is adding NEAR, read this article by Mintbase CEO Nate Geier: