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You have a creative idea that can use some funds to get going?

This post will guide you through our application and give you useful information about the application process.

Please note: the application was done before through a Google form, but now we are using the NEAR forum and the SputnikDAO

What do we ask for?

The instructions for applying mention everything you need to include in your application.
Here’s a breakdown of each item we expect from a successful project:

Title and description

The project description does not need to be long, but it has to give us enough information about your idea. Think of it as an elevator pitch.

Project benefits

We also ask how you see your project benefiting the Mintbase and NEAR ecosystem. If you are unsure about how to answer this question, keep reading. In this article we explain what kinds of projects we are looking to fund.


If you have a larger project, it’s useful to break it down into parts. Let us know which deliverables you plan to have at the end of each part. We pay after completion, so breaking the project in parts will also help you get part of the funding earlier, as soon as each part is completed, instead of waiting until the whole project is done.


We suggest three categories of funding, but feel free to ask for other amounts. The suggested categories are:
– 25 NEAR (smaller projects)
– 75 NEAR (medium projects)
– 150 NEAR (larger projects)


The payments are done through the Createbase DAO. Once the project has been approved and the deliverables completed, you will get a green light from us to submit a payout proposal and the money will be sent to your wallet.


What do we fund?

We are looking for projects that include one or more of the following:

  • New use cases and markets for NFTs
  • Educational content and campaigns
  • DAOs, collaborative projects, governance experiments
  • Events (virtual and IRL) that benefit the community
  • Integration with other tools and technology
  • Experiment with NFTs and push boundaries

Here are some examples of successful project applications you can use as inspiration for yours:

Publishing house and Narrandom (Narrative + Random) Project by Barbara Tosti


What we don’t fund:

  • Just using Mintbase to mint your NFTs – we are looking for projects that go beyond just using Mintbase to mint NFTs. If you want to be one of the first to open a store on Mintbase NEAR, reach out to us to be added as a minter to one of our community stores.
  • Doing a large event and just putting the Mintbase logo on the promotional materials – we are not looking for plain advertising and marketing. If you have an event, we want to help you integrate NFTs in your event. Can you use NFTs as tickets? As rewards? As vouchers for physical products? We would be happy to set up a call and discuss this with you.
  • Just bringing a big name artist / performer / etc to Mintbase – we are thrilled to get NFTs mainstream, and can help sponsoring new stores and onboarding users. We want to go beyond just bringing someone famous, we aim to engage community and new users and markets, so the application should include these elements and not just the “big name”.
  • Projects with no connection to NEAR and Mintbase – this should be obvious, but before submitting, please dedicate some time to think about how the awesome project you have in mind can integrate with us 🙂

We hope this will help you write a killer funding application and are looking forward to your project submission!

After you submit, you will get comments on your post in the Createbase NEAR Forum. There your application will get reviewed transparently, and you can use it to get back to us with comments and extra information.

We will also help get your application better formatted and give suggestions. In some cases we will offer to fund part of your project, or refer you to a funding partner.


Partial Funding

We have a limited budget and some projects can be very large and ambitious. We can then choose to fund part of the project, and can help you identify what part can be more suited for us to fund. This part will likely: integrate NEAR/Mintbase directly; be key for moving the project forward; and provide extra value.

Funding Partners

Sometimes projects are more focused on infrastructure, or education and community in general, going beyond just Mintbase and NFTs, and can be better funded by other NEAR funding opportunities. In this case we will put you in touch with these other funding partners.

Some projects can eventually become a guild of their own and get dedicated funding from NEAR!


Bounties and Onboarding

You don’t have a big creative idea right now? There are other ways you can get funding from Createbase to support your creative project, for example apply for one of our open bounties.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions or want to know more. Just send a message in our Telegram Group or a dm on Twitter.