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February 4, 2021

Call Recording

In this Createbase Community Call, community members take the virtual stage platform to share their ideas and projects that they are working on within the NEAR ecosystem. The call is hosted and moderated by Createbase facilitators Chloethedev and Lenara.


Carolin, Co-founder of Mintbase, takes the stage with Chloe and Lenara to introduce themselves and kick off the community call. 

In the chat, Lenara shares the blog post she wrote on the Createbase Community website about how to set up a NEAR wallet. This resource is great for those who do not have a mainnet or testnet wallet yet. Additionally, there is funding from Createbase for creatives that need to get a NEAR name!

Chloe gives an overview of Createbase and how they help projects. 

Speaker: Carolin 

Carolin then gives an update on the work that has been done since the last community call. She notes that:

  • They wanted to launch on Saturday on testnet; however, the indexer is down and Nate is working on fixing it

Speaker: Lenara 

Lenara then gives a quick update on the projects, bounties, and how things have been progressing. She notes that:

  • They have been able to make almost all projects pass
  • For some projects they are able to fund parts of them that are more connected to Mintbase
  • Lenara notes that they can help arrange for some projects to be supported with partner funding 
  • Sandbox is a new guild program that will provide extra funding for initiatives like the bounties such as writing tags, creating graphics, etc. 
  • Bounties can be found on the Createbase Notion board, but will also soon be posted in Sandbox
  • There are many open bounties that can be applied to any time, such as live tweeting the Createbase Community calls 

Speaker: Carolin and Nate 

Carolin and Nate hop on stage after experiencing some technical difficulties to continue with their update. They note that they:

  • Started fresh with a brand new database, cleared everything, brand new indexer, updated all NEAR core stuff
  • NEAR Land will be reducing storage costs by 10x, going into effect now
  • The goal is to reduce amount of data on the chain 
  • Nate discusses two ideas:
    • Will be starting conversation with quantstamp (auditing firm)
    • Will open up site for everyone
    • Will issue an NFT that will allow people to deploy stores
  • Had an investor call and raised 1 million dollars
  • Goal is to have site up and running before ETH Denver

Speaker: Vandal

Vandal takes the stage next to give an update. He notes that they (Vandal/ DAO Records):

  • Doing weekly live streams on Wednesdays
  • DAO drops at 10:30 Pacific Time
  • Exploring how to put together a music guild for NEAR 

At this point there were technical difficulties, so another speaker took the stage.

Speaker: Ben 

Ben takes the stage to give an update. Ben is a Merry Maker, meaning he tries to find ways to increase global happiness and try to produce art, crafts, and different things to make that happen.

Ben notes his excitement about the NEAR platform and Createbase. Ben then gives an update:

  • Starting a livestream called Craft and Crypto Art which focuses on how you can take physical art/ craft into the digital space, as well as tools and skills to support artists 
  • Ben would like to hear the community’s ideas to help make that happen
  • Ben would like to learn more about the process 

Speaker: Sparrow

Sparrow is next to hop on stage and discusses the following:

  • Each platform that implemented the ERC721 standard are not interoperable at the moment 
  • Will have many NFT platforms on NEAR 
  • Wanted to put an easy to implement the standard to ensure the interoperability between platforms
  • Had a call with core NEAR developers
  • Are defining best practices and standards for what calls contracts be able to have in order to be called an NEP4 and how it gets used in marketplaces and by end-users
  • Sees interoperability a big win on the blockchain, feels NEAR is a great opportunity to do that
  • Notes there is no standard to metadata on Ethereum currently, and so structuring it on NEAR is exciting 

Speaker: Nima 

Nima is next on stage who shares an initiative he is working on:

  • Creating a creators specific funding or course program/ mentorship, like “Y Combinator” for creators
  • Has been deep-diving on rollups, a scalability solution, that seems to be the official Ethereum scalability solution. Nima goes into more detail about this idea, starting here.
  • Nima discusses the challenges with rollups and NFTs such as wait times. 
  • Nima notes the NEAR with the Rainbow Bridge could be a cool solution for NFTs 

Speaker: Luke

Luke takes the stage next and shares that he has:

  • Been working with Michael Kelly under a Createbase grant to try to find a way to combine crypto with reforestation 
  • Will have more updates coming out soon, in about a month
  • Has been holding weekly meetings on the Createbase telegram for applying NFTs to the protocol they have been building- applying NFTs to land management solutions
  • Trying to find a solution, and invites people to join in on the chat/ calls on Tuesday at 10 AM Central Time
  • Trying to determine the struggles that people experience while planting trees 
  • Trying to build a solution to help, such as data backing that the trees are alive 
  • There is a significant need going forward to plant more trees to help reduce the effects of carbon emissions 

Speaker: Laura

Laura is next on stage, who gives an update on what she is working on. She shares a rendering of the video, as well as explains the concept behind it. Click here to watch

Speaker: Vandal 

After sorting out technical difficulties, Vandal hops on stage again to give an update on what he has been working on. He notes the following:

  • Speaking with Mike St. Jean to put together an outline of a Music Guild on NEAR. Will be focusing on education leading to creation for musicians. 
  • Is also working on the TYGS project (Think You Got Skills), a proposal that was put in for Createbase. Akmal is creating all the visual content, they are updating the website, and only have a bit more to go until they reach their first milestone. 
  • Spoke with a team member on Kernel who was asking about TYGS fitting into the ecosystem.
  • Laura asks Vandal a question about the educational content being put out, and incorporating the information into her video for support


Chloe concludes the call with some final notes before splitting off into break out rooms, and thanks everyone for their participation. 

Be sure to visit the Createbase website for updates.