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Do you want to earn NEAR tokens for supporting the Createbase Community?

If so, completing bounties, and submitting payout proposals to the Createbase SputnikDAO might be something you are interested in. Continue reading to learn more.

A few of the available bounties within the Createbase Community.

All official Createbase bounties that can be submitted to the Createbase SputnikDAO are listed on the Createbase Community SputnikDAO page. If you have ideas for tasks that you feel would support the Createbase Community and you’d like to suggest turning that task into a bounty, please post the idea as a topic in the “Createbase” category of the NEAR Forums.

The SputnikDAO page is the go-to place for Createbase SputnikDAO info

On that page, there is also, information about what the DAO’s purpose is, a video explanation of the bounty submission flow, and links from each bounty to their specific NEAR Forum topic where “discussion” on the bounties happens.

The link from the reply is copied and pased later into the SputnikDAO payout proposal.

These discussions do not have to be lengthy. Many times, simply a link containing proof that a bounty was completed will do. This link is input into one of the data fields when completing a Createbase SputnikDAO payout proposal. Council members of the DAO will use this link as a reference for deciding on the outcome of the proposal.

An example of a payout proposal for the “Live-tweet a Createbase Event” bounty

Submitting a proposal to the Createbase SputnikDAO requires a bond (held until vote passes) of 0.1 NEAR. After a proposal has been submitted it is active, and council members of the Createbase SputnikDAO are able to vote “yes” or “no” on the proposal. The bond is returned to the proposer upon the successful approval of a proposal by the council (this bond is used to deter spam proposals).

A successfully passed payout proposal!

Once the forum link has been checked and the council has voted in favor, you will have a passed payout proposal, and the X.1 NEAR (+ 0.1 from the bond) will be transferred to the target of the payout proposal. If you have any issues along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Createbase Facilitators.