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With Mintbase live on NEAR mainnet, several creative NFT ideas are becoming minted NFTs.

We will be showcasing some of the many projects being launched and funded by Createbase in a series of posts.

In this first edition we are happy to present:

TYGS – Think You Got Skillz


What: a Hip Hop Battle Series comprised of 6 skill-building elements spanning the spectrum of Music, Dance & Visual Art.

Main innovations:

  • community token $TYGS
  • DAO
  • tickets as NFTs & other unique NFT assets

Current Status: Getting ready to open the first ‘Call for Submissions’ after having published their Logo Reveal video.

Website: www.tygsofficial.com

Team: Vandal, Vincent and Akmal


Andrea Grows – Interactive Web Comic


What: a source of information about sustainable agriculture for a wide range of people, presented in a fun way and with an interactive element.

Main innovations:

  • new funding model: peek & buy
  • new use case for NFTs: digital comics
  • NFTs used to sell physical products

Current Status: Seed packages featuring several varieties of turnips (physical product going to buyers located inside the EU) are getting prepared for shipping and the first NFTs will be minted soon.

Website: www.andreagrows.com

Team: Serste, Eli

Check out the projects’ websites, give them a follow on social media, and send your feedback.

More creative showcases are coming in the following weeks.

And if you want to submit your own creative idea for funding, we have a guide explaining how to do it. We are looking forward to your innovative projects!