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Several useful articles were written by our community about Mintbase and NEAR in the past months. We welcome your ideas for new articles to help spread the knowledge about NFTs.

Karen Eng wrote about why NEAR NFTs are a great choice for eco-friendliness. It seems many people agree and the article got a few hundred claps on Medium. 👏👏👏

“A lot of artist friends had been approaching me, asking how to get on board with NFTs. Given the diversity of platforms and the various issues – including environmental issues – that is not an easy question to answer. But from what I’ve seen so far, NEAR Mintbase has the most potential to be useful for a variety of artists and creative agendas.” – says Karen, who is also known by her artist name oculardelusion.

Debbchia explained split royalties and what this powerful Mintbase feature means for creators. When do you want to use it, and most important, how to do it? Read this Creator’s Primer to Royalties to find out.



Elif’s article focused on African artists and how art can become a well-remunerated activity, against all previous beliefs, thanks to NFTs.



We also had a couple of step-by-step guides on how to mint NFTs:



TanishqSharma – Mintbase: Creating a Store and Minting NFT


If you enjoy writing, feel free to submit ideas for articles in our open bounty. We are looking for high quality texts about all kinds of topics connected to NTFs. New use cases, project profiles, how-tos, or even basic introductions aimed at different audiences and in several languages. Be creative!