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From June to August 2021, the metaverse bursts into a hive of activity and becomes a magnet for the time-warping creative jetset brought together as part of the first-ever hybrid Wilde Möhre Festival (or German for ‘wild carrot’), launched in collaboration with Mintbase and NEAR.

While based in Germany, the festival has a virtual manifestation for creatives around the world: Wildeverse! From guided art tours and talks to NFT galleries and live DJ sets at the virtual worlds Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space, this is one festival that you do not want to miss.

We interview one of the founders behind Wilde Möhre, Julian Mokosch (who also goes by the name of hoochi), to find out more about the festival’s beginnings and what you can look forward to in the weeks ahead!

Hi Julian! How did the Wilde Möhre Festival come about? 

When Wilde Möhre was founded in 2013, the idea was to explore alternatives to common lifestyle and structures of society. The festival offers a wide range of activities like DIY-workshops, spoken word, scientific talks, yoga & meditation or theater & performance and invites guests to try out things they haven’t tried out so far. Of course you will also find lots of Music, but it’s not the only focus. Maybe this is the biggest difference to many other festivals.

How did you personally start organising festivals?

I enjoyed going to small underground festivals for many years and always loved that they attract people with an open mindset and enable independent artists and creatives to showcase their work. To take an active part in creating such spaces and help to grow the platform for people who chose to live a lifestyle apart from the “mainstream” felt like the right choice.

How did the collaboration with Mintbase start?

Caroline Wend is a friend of Alex, who is one of the founders of Wilde Möhre. We met when the idea of having a hybrid NFT-festival came up and we started to plan the project. I wasn’t into NFTs or crypto at all before but it’s exciting to dive into the topics, so I’m very happy to be part of Wildeverse and get to know so much about these new technologies while working with Caro, Nate & all the other people from Mintbase & NEAR.

What exactly is Wildeverse and how does it involve NFTs?

Wildeverse is the digital twin of the festival. It is an experiment to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology and NFTs in a festival surrounding. Artists are able to mint their art into NFTs to showcase them in Wildeverse and offer them on Mintbase (check the dedicated Wildeverse NFT Store. Guests also will be able to either mint NFTs at the festival to offer all kinds of things like a private yoga session or an afternoon in their cozy hammock, or to spend their cryptocurrency for works of their favorite artists, NFTs of other guests or for drinks at the bar. Maybe next year, Wilde Möhre will also sell some tickets via blockchain, it really depends on how guests will accept these new kinds of technologies.

Can you share how the festival will unfold over the following weeks?

There will be four editions with different types of programs apart from music. At Firletanz you will find DIY-workshops, at Seelenschaukel yoga & meditation and at Maskenball theater & performances. All editions will have lots of DJs and for the Klimperkiste Edition, bands too. We are planning to stream parts of the schedule to the digital Wildeverse so people can enjoy the performances in VR. If you are attending Maskenball, don’t miss Annie O, she has been playing the closing set at Wilde Möhre for many years now and it’s a real highlight regarding the schedule.

What is your opinion of NFTs?

I can see the potential of NFTs disrupting the fields of art and music, and providing new economies and market places for creators. I hope that it will lead to a situation, where the creators are put into focus again and where they are even more independent from major labels and established ways of digital distribution. There are many other ways to use NFTs apparently, so I am excited to see how all of this develops.

What’s the most exciting feature of the festival for you?

Regarding Wildeverse, it’s the booth where you can jump into virtual reality with a VR headset to interact with people who aren’t at the festival. Social interaction is a huge part of a great festival experience and I really hope that we will manage to transfer some of the Wilde Möhre vibe into the digital world.

What are your top festival picks?

I’d recommend to just start exploring things at the festival without having too much of a plan. There are many amazing things to discover and sticking to a plan will lower the chance of stumbling into a performance you didn’t have in mind before. Often these new, unexpected discoveries turn out to be the best part of the festival experience in the end.

Thank you Julian!

Crypto creatives! Be sure to check out the exciting Wildeverse program schedule until it ends in August 2021 and you can start your virtual adventure through this wormhole.