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Since its launch on the NEAR protocol just more than over a month ago, the Mintbase NFT factory has had much to celebrate. Some highlights include:

In case the above was not eye candy enough for you, we handpick 7 NFT artists on Mintbase that you need to take a look at right now in this article.

From generative art to afro-futuristic collectibles and from 3D animagic to classic primitive brush artwork, the next Beeple could be within our midst. And perhaps there will be one to catch your eye and pop that collector’s cherry!

Best of all, you can now admire your newly acquired digital art collectibles in your NEAR wallet like so:

So, presenting in no particular order: 7 NFT artists on Mintbase you can add to your collection now. Click on their wallet address below to view their store. Let’s go!


If you know, you know. Yalo aka Aleksey Yalovega from Ukraine’s contemporary digital sculptures and experiments are dope. His series on Mintbase is based on the results of AI training on a group of selected sculpt renders. The resulting sequences of generated pictures were then manually supplemented with graphic elements. Gee, so many to pick, let’s pick them all!



Involved in blockchain art since 2018, Berlin-based Ilan Katin marries the shape worlds of Picasso and the vibrant immediacy of street graffiti in his spontaneous and very fun 3D sculptures, which come to life in his 3d-enabled Mintbase store.



Not much is known about this artist, but he delves in the art style of Primitivism, a painting style that originated in the 19th century. It includes a deliberate simplification of the painting, which makes its forms primitive, like the art of a child or drawings of Stone Age. Makes sense in these early, primitive days of crypto art and farming.


After crypto alpacas, the next collectible to come on-chain is the Afrofuture Mafia with a collection of 540 unique NFT collectibles. But owing a Mafia NFT is more than that. Each ownership also serves as your Council membership card and grants you access to the $AFTR Vault, an archive of 5,000 hours of raw video content and 2.5 million photographs of every event surrounding post-colonial Africa.



Thomas Laroche-Joubert is a visual artist from France who has created a series of handdrawn primitive motifs on chalkboard in varying permutations. Sometimes harmonizing, sometimes in juxtaposition, they reflect the chaotic nature of our relationships and mental states when left to chance.



Part of the RaveSpace online exhibition, Basil Boyacos has contributed 8 pieces as fabu to the initiative and where 100% of royalties from the sales will be donated to keeping club culture alive. His experiments in oddly shapes and his own series of characters appeal to the metaverse aesthetic, where the rules of the physical world do not apply, and avatars may warp and melt their personality as they please.



It is hard to generalize the work of 21pro. Is it human or is it a computer? The strangely disjointed yet poetic descriptions accompanying each piece do not give further clues and if anything, abstracts the work even further: “Looking for beautiful flowers in the lost woods,The constant direct water from the outside makes its vitality tenacious.” And then: “On the plane with a green background, we use four pictures to build a three-dimensional bitcoin map, which requires each of us to perfect.” Intriguing.