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In our previous article, we highlighted some cute eye-candy on Mintbase with visual artists and their yummy NFTs. This time, we’re putting some headphones on and moving the spotlight to the musicians putting out their talent on the platform. From hip-hop to psychedelic jams, chiptune, reggaeton and electro, there’s something for every taste and mood to match your vibe, so enjoy the musical journey and support our creators!

In no particular order, click on the title to jump straight to the Mintbase listing:

beek – diffuse (20 year retrospective NFT edition)

Resurrected from June 4, 2000, beek mints a 1/1 retrospective edition of an original chiptune created during a 60-minute competition hosted on IRC! beek’ computer music origins began in the mid 1990’s with a PC, a soundcard and the DOS-based composition tool, Impulse Tracker. This path would lead him to compose several videogame soundtracks for the GameBoy, GameBoy Color as well as modern PC/Steam and smartphone platforms, along with hundreds of non-videogame tracked “chiptunes” or “mod files”.   You’ll be owning a piece of history with this one, start your bids!

RoganX – Superluminal

The artist describes the odd fantastic Superluminal track as “My first music track using the Ableton Push 2! I decided to pair it with an image I created from a photo of downtown Calgary.” Pairing live drums with modulated pitching and glitch sound effects, it’s just your slow trip walking around a block in the neighbourhood.

Mark Waldron Hyden & Randalasfuck – Leave no tree

Tune your frequencies to a higher state of consciousness with this meditative capsule of zen using “synth, clarinet and percussion recorded outside.” A collaboration by Mark Waldron Hyden & Tabea, it is a contemplation on a post-death existence of consciousness and sentient future life continuity.

Craig Blackmore – N2 Tomorrow

A catchy electro number with that arpeggiated synth from none other than Craig Blackmore, a highly prolific figure prominent in the NFT space as an artist, creator, collector and blogger. This is the first track released from his ‘Life is but a Glitch’ project. The title ‘N2 Tomorrow’ refers to the leap we as a society are about to take into that cyberpunk future we’ve read about and watched in fiction for decades.

kseniiashm – Hookah^ song

Big on bright vibes, ‘Hookah^ song’ is an uplifting and well-crafted electronic tune to leave you dreaming of the high notes of summer. Made by kseniiashm.near who has a handful of other pretty things in store such as summer vibe and it is a perfect summer night which showcase the producer’s talent.

Rare Vandal – RareBeat #3

Of course we can only get so far talking about #AudioNFTs without mentioning the man behind the movement Vandal and his DAO Records label, bridging real world music to the metaverse and beyond. Rare Vandal is his personal project and RareBeat #3 was produced by him on a Roland W30 that was ripped from a 1995 Beat Tape. Be the first to collect all 4 RareBeat NFTs and you will win the elusive Rare Vandal 1/1.

The Great Knot (Introvert Knot by Paul Crans Remix)

From Poland, Paul Crans is a producer with a sizeable catalogue of sounds under his belt including fast joints you can preview on his soundcloud, along with this enigmatic remix of ‘The Great Knot’ from a remix competition organised by LIBESKIND ARTS. The encroaching almost menacing bassline turns into an introspective take with hope bubbling just beneath the surface. We like the track.

Umwelt/DMT Vision – Fear on the Dark Planet

Full disclosure: this NFT is a mint from this author’s own Midnight Shift record label! We have here a 1/1 NFT exclusive to celebrate the release of the vinyl EP, bringing together the talent of French electro producer Umwelt and visual artist DMT Vision: “Ascending chorals, acidic swirls and horrific echoes rise above a mash of abrasive, caustic electro/breakbeat chaos with shapeshifting moods.” Listen at your own peril.

Fishbrain x Gattraps.Art by Mykhelpixel – God’s are a Lie

Pure beat poetry, this track from Nigeria goes straight to the collector’s crates. It is inspired by the religious insanity and the distractions, supremacy and discrimination coming from the movement of religion globally. Featuring a familiar refrain from The Smashing Pumpkins backed by surrealistic sound work, this gets a heavy 10/10 in mission and message.

Skwid Ink – Chang Soi

From leeds, comes the one and only punk/jazz jam band quartet Skwid Ink that has Giles Peterson of WorldwideFM commenting ““I’ve never heard anything like this before…”. The tune begins with a wobbly Rhodes piano intro that morphs slowly into something more sinister and off-balance. The melody mutates towards an uncertain climax before detonating into what can only be described as a disgusting bass line. Just as suddenly we are out of the storm, and in the hands of a drunk Bossa Nova band from the year 2084.

Trash Lights – DO IT! 

Get your mitts on this track submitted as part of the TYGS Beat Meet, which saw over 30 entries to find some of the hottest producers in the metaverse. ‘DO IT!’ by Trash Light with its trigger-finger crunchy tasty beats on the MPC is an infectious groove you’d wanna vibe to riding into the endless horizon.

Honorable mentions

From left to right:

Final note: NxM

For a one-stop store for all things Audio NFTs, including merch and posters, check out the collective NxM guild store with heavyweight members such as Dedeukwu, DAO Records, Craig Blackmore and Bone Police as part of the co-operative. NxM also organises regular metaverse gigs showcasing talent from around the world from Seattle to Nigeria. Join the Telegram group to get connected.

If you didn’t know that Mintbase supports Audio NFTs with a dedicated Music category all on its own, now you do! As a musician, uploading your music creation as an NFT works the same way on Mintbase as you would with an image. Mintbase supports audio files with its very own playback button plus pause and backward/forward functions so you can skim through tracks to preview and repeat your favorite parts as a listener.

Happy vibin’!