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Or “How African artists can use NFTs as a means to increase their earnings & gain exposure, and why Mintbase is the best way to do that”

One of the things “going digital” has done has been to essentially eradicate the concept of scarcity You want a copy of the Mona Lisa to hang on your wall? Done! Obviously, this would not be worth as much as the original, but you have a great copy! What happens, now, if your work is digital, or can easily be transformed into a digital copy? One thing you can do is to hobble the work with a Digital Rights Management System, aka DRM. The problem is that users generally do not like being told what to do with what they’ve paid money for. I mean, if I legally own the Mona Lisa, and I am freezing to death in my apartment with no source of heat, are you going to tell me I have no right to set it on fire to save my life? It may be destructive, yes, but it is mine! Also, DRM systems have been known to have a lot of shortcomings.